Our Impact


Sterilizing dog and cat companions in Mexico is so important to us.

In 2004 we started working in Mexico to rescue pets and assist the local communities to stop some of the suffering of abandoned pets. It did not take long to conclude that there was a never ending stream of puppies and kittens due to the lack of available and affordable spay/neuter services.

We do not visit Mexico for occasional high volume campaigns and then take our resources and leave. We believe the solution resides within Mexico’s communities.  We work with existing organizations to train veterinarians in quick safe surgical procedures, support free and low cost clinics and surgical campaigns with supplies, volunteers, and surgeons.

Founded in 2010 Spay Mexico currently reports over 1,000 surgeries each month. In addition, we have trained many veterinarians throughout Mexico, and South America who continue to promote education and provide affordable sterilizations surgeries to their communities.