To help end pet overpopulation through spay and neuter surgeries and training veterinarians in High Quality High Volume (HQHV) Spay and neuter best practices.


Accessible and quality training protocols for all veterinarians in spay and neuter surgeries, and an end to pet overpopulation and pet homelessness.

Core Values:

Transparency: We pride ourselves in being open and transparent in everything that we do.

Sterile Procedures: We make sure proper procedures and protocols are in place to ensure best quality and sterile environments for the animals and the veterinarians.

Safety: We always keep safety in mind for our team, volunteers, veterinarians, and animals.

Collaboration: We work with the local communities and other organizations to ensure best practices and encourage team work in order to involve as many teams as possible.

Impact Statement (Our Goal):

By 2030, have trained over 500 veterinarians in HQHV spay and neuter best practices, and have sterilized over 100,000 dogs and cats.


Keep it simple, have fun, and pass the gift!