Resources Just for You

Below you will find a list of websites and resources that we think are important. Check them out below!


Adopt a pet

This is America’s largest non-profit pet adoption website! If you’re looking for a new furry friend to adopt check out this website below!


Dr. Marvin Mackie and Quick SPay

Realizing the critical need for humane pet overpopulation control and inspired by the work of world-renown veterinarian Dr. Leo Lieberman, in 1988 Dr. Mackie began focusing and perfecting his “QuickSpay” technique to allow the safe spay/neuter of dogs and cats as young as eight weeks—before the age where they can reproduce and add to the burgeoning number of homeless pets.


Planned Pethood plus

PPI has provided training services to veterinarians from around the world. PPI has through Dr. Jeff Young, made presentations and conducted sterilization campaigns in Slovakia, India, Panama, Hungary, Mexico, Poland, Turkey, and numerous Native American Reservations. Currently, PPI is active in two hospitals, located in Bratislava, Slovakia and Merida, Mexico No individual has ever received personal compensation or financial gain in work associated with PPI. 100% of all contributions and fundraising money have gone directly to reducing companion animal overpopulation, training veterinarians in safe and efficient spay/neuter techniques, or helping abused & abandoned animals.